★ the face behind the Jiggly ★

Born in Toronto, Jiggly Junk is a handmade, high-quality, 1/1 jewelry business founded and created by Jade Kaufman 🍒

The Jiggly Vision is to create bold, whimsical and unconventional pieces of art that aid in expressing individual identity through storytelling and craftsmanship. Jiggly Junk welcomes all creatures and celebrates odds & ends, eccentricity, and diversity. At its core, Jiggly Junk is a creative project inspired by inclusivity and expression. 

Each and every Jiggly is the result of pure experimentation, creative indulgence, and a heck of a lot of love 🧚🏼

★ frequented Q's ★

🤠 How did Jiggly Junk come to be

Jiggly Junk is essentially my baby. Jiggly Junk was birthed back in 2021 when I really felt it was time to use my creative, weird mind for something otherworldly. I started making clay pieces but due to excessive cat hair in the apartment that was a no go - I also just wasn’t feeling it. I started messing around with some beads from my childhood one day (I used to avidly sell beaded jewelry in elementary school lol) and I just knew I was onto something. Jiggly is my entire essence poured into art form. Chaotic, colourful, messy, collaborative, unique, unconventional, expressive, beautiful, unmatched. Since the birth of this beautiful entity it has evolved in so many unimaginable ways and I would love for you to join this magical journey with me. 

🍓 Where does your inspiration come from? 

When I think of Jiggly Junk I think of carnivals, cat moms, rainbows, fruit markets, bubblegum, a tall frothy glass of milk, a juicy mango, buttery blueberry pancakes, a field of daisies, ecstasy, ladybugs, tigers, balls of yarn, pastel crayons, a tiki bar, palm trees, bubble tea, mars, mushrooms,… I could go on but the list wouldn’t end lol. Jiggly Junk is anything and everything. The thought of someone being able to put on their Jiggly in the morning and feel the confidence running through their veins is where my inspiration comes from. The reason I do primarily one of a kind pieces is because each and every human on this planet is complex, individual and unique, and so what they put on their body should be a reflection of that. We believe that every Jiggly is created for a certain individual, and its just a matter of time before they meet <3 

😻 Who runs this label? 

Hey, my name is Jade (she/her) <3 and I am currently the sole owner and operator of Jiggly Junk Toronto. If you ever wanna know more feel free to shoot me an email. Oh I also have 3 perfect children (Max-catto, Mason-catto & Reggie-doggo) who are certified Jiggly models BTW! :-) 

PS. Jade - hence the double J. Ha ha

🛍 Where do you source your materials? 

I source my materials from all the f over: Etsy sellers, vintage findings, local bead shops, etc… eventually I plan to get into to lamp work beading, so stay tuned babes. I am also extremely selective in where I buy my materials from. I have made core connections with specific sellers in order to ensure high quality material and moreover, consistency. 

☎️ Do you have a store in Toronto? 

I do not…. yet :p but some exclusive Jiggly can be found at ZANE 753 Queen Street West West & I avidly vend at markets around the city (MARKET info can be found on Insta @jiggly_junk) <3 The Jiggly world is constantly evolving so if you wanna stay in the loop give me a follow 

⭐️ Is Jiggly safe to wear if I’m allergic to certain materials such as (nickel, ex). ?

Considering I use I vast range of material to create each Jiggly, I wouldn’t say that folk with sensitive skin or allergies would be 100% safe to wear one :( this makes me so sad because I want my product to be accessible for all but at the moment I do sometimes use vintage findings, in which case I can not be certain of the exact material. That said, my customs are USUALLY open and I would be delighted to work on a Jiggly that suits and satisfies all of your needs. <3 

💼 Do you have any Job openings? 

At the moment, no. However I am ALWAYS looking to collaborate with other Toronto (or even international, although more difficult to facilitate) artists !! Whether it be a product line collab, photoshoot opportunities, magazine issues, or simply just to chat <3 you can reach me at jigglyjunk.toronto@gmail.com

🧼 How do I take care of my precious baby Jiggly? 

Try your best not to sleep with it. Ive had nights where I’ve fallen asleep in my Jiggly and all was good but I do recommend not sleeping with it just incase. I also advise taking it off before showering or bathing. Again, I have done both (lol), and all was good, but its still BEST not to. <3 Also of course store your Jiggly in a sacred or loved space so all its power can be harnessed <3

★ that's so Jiggly ★

Shipping & Returns

📦 Please allow 5-7 days for your order to be processed and shipped 

📮 Jiggly Junk is not to be held responsible for any lost or stolen parcels 

📫 Jiggly Junk does ship internationally, however additional customs or duties may incur in which Jiggly junk is not responsible for, so please keep in mind when purchasing.

💝 In the unlikely event that a product arrives damaged, we are happy to fix this for you! please keep in mind that we will not be able to cover charges for shipping the item back to us)

🙀 Unfortunately at this time refunds cannot be processed, however in the event that an issue occurs with your Jiggly, please feel free to contact us so that we can effectively handle this.

***Please never stress if there happens to be a blip, Jiggly’s are made meticulously and carefully and in the unlikely event of a damaged items we will be by your side throughout the entire process <3 

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